Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection

We aim to protect buyers, If you bought the original, but received a counterfeit, isn’t as described or doesn’t arrive on the agreed timeframe with the seller, report the matter to Bula Trade through our contact us page with the seller details. We have the right to remove the seller from the Bula Trade platform we have receive number of complains from the buyers. We encourage carry out cash on delivery with sellers you are not confident in dealing with and give feedback to the sellers page for other buyers.

Leave a feedbacks on the sellers page for others other buyers protection.

Seller Protection

A bulk of opportunity, all the seller can take some steps to help protect themselves.

  • Reply to buyer or customer messages to the buyer who’s trying to work on any concerns on the product they willing to purchase. This will help you know the buyer and grow your business.
  • Refunding proactively for the products for products which was not as described or faulty will give you good feedback and build trust with/from the buyers. Keeping buyers informed so the buyers less likely to make complains against you or your business.
  • Accurate product descriptions and images: Avoid any misunderstanding with the buyers. Use original images of the products rather than taking it from global websites. Sellers will be responsible for claims if their listing is listed incorrectly, regardless of seller comments.
  • Shipping: Use best shipping method for the products upon making arrangements with the buyer. Use proper packaging for the product to avoid damages.
  • Keep the customer informed: We encourage you to work directly with buyers to resolve their questions and concerns about the product. Best would be call or email your buyer to let them know what occurred so they are not waiting for a product.
  • Delight buyers with amazing products at reason price.
  • Leave feedback on buyers page for other sellers protection.